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Faire Globalisierung setzt echte Kooperation voraus
Nachhaltige Globale Sicherheit setzt Kultur des Friedens voraus

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Zwei Gesichter Jemens: Nur wirklicher Dialog bereitet den Weg zur Verständigung.


Die 16 Bundesländer und die rund 11.500 Gemeinden in Deutschland sind für das Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) wichtige Partner für die Gestaltung der deutschen Entwicklungspolitik.



Winfried-Illo Graff


First Deputy Chairman

Since taking to voluntary retirement in 1996, Graff has been working as a freelance journalist after having served as Director of the Deutsche Welle Training Centre in Cologne for eighteen years.

He joined the Deutsche Welle after completing studies in philology, philosophy and pedagogics, and "marched" through several departments of the institution.

He spent altogether four years in Africa, Near East, Asia and Latin America as a lecturer, seminar leader and consultant – one year long he worked at the Information Ministry in Rwanda.

While at the Deutsche Welle, Graff organised hundreds of training projects in Germany and abroad on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, thus making a significant contribution to building up independent media.

He also published the specialised journal 'Dialogue' and a series of documentations and manuals related to radio in particular and media in general.

In recognition of his distinguished services for the benefit of international cooperation, Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker decorated Winfried-Illo Graff with the the Federal Cross on Ribbon.

For 30 years he had been engaged in a multitude of activities: as honorary head of the international circle of the Car-Duisberg-Gesellschaft in Cologne, as chairman of the 'Gewerkschaft Kunst' and member of the district committee of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB), as chairman of the arbitration panel of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in the sub-district Euskirchen, and as an elected member of the council of the city of Mechernich/Eifel. Graff is also a member of the executive committee of Local Agenda 21 in Cologne.

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