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Faire Globalisierung setzt echte Kooperation voraus
Nachhaltige Globale Sicherheit setzt Kultur des Friedens voraus

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Zwei Gesichter Jemens: Nur wirklicher Dialog bereitet den Weg zur Verständigung.


Die 16 Bundesländer und die rund 11.500 Gemeinden in Deutschland sind für das Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ) wichtige Partner für die Gestaltung der deutschen Entwicklungspolitik.



Ramesh Jaura

Executive President

Journalist - Facilitator - Media Professional - Global Affairs Observer

Ramesh Jaura is a journalist and an experienced moderator | facilitator specialising in inter-cultural communication, globalization, international development cooperation, and South Asia, particularly India.

Jaura co-founded in 1983 what was until beginning of 1997 called the North-South Forum. The Federal President of Germany awarded Jaura in June 1996 the Federal Cross on Ribbon for promoting international understanding.

A journalist with an experience of 46 years in the profession, Jaura is since 2009 Director of GLOBALOM MEDIA group that provides news in depth in its onlne magazines, trains media in global affairs and publishes specialised educational materials on issues of global significance. IDN-In Depth News and GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES are flagships of GLOBALOM MEDIA.

Jaura was born in 1942 in ‘British’ India, He obtained a Master of Arts degree from the University of Delhi in 1964 and soon took to journalism. In November 1968 he travelled to Europe and reported until June 1969 from Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, the Soviet Union, Austria, Germany and France. One year later, he returned to Europe to report from West Berlin, Bonn, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw for several Indian and UAE weekly newspapers. He also served as Germany correspondent of All India Radio and was a frequent participant in TV talk shows on international relations. For IPS-Inter Press Service News Agency, Jaura reported on UN conferences from Brazil, Indonesia, Japan and the Netherlands. He has also served as communication consultant to IFAD (Rome) and to the Executive Secretary of the UNCCD in Bonn.

He headed the Germany bureau of IPS-Inter Press Service News Agency between1987 and 2002. Subsequently he served until 2008 as Director of IPS-Inter Press Service Europe in-charge of coordinating the EuroMediterranean network of the global news agency, and as Director on its international board.

Jaura was the President of Maastricht-based Euforic (Europe's Forum on International Cooperation) 2002 to 2009.

Jaura is a German national of Indian origin.

Ramesh Jaura was the first journalist from a developing land, who was elected in 1981 as President of the Foreign Press Association (VAP), then based in Bonn. He was re-elected in the following two years. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of VAP he co-published a collection of essays titled Der gefesselte Riese - Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland aus der Sicht ausländischer Korrespondenten (The Giant in Chains - Foreign Correspondents' View of the Federal Republic of Germany).

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